Ultimate Guide to Ministry Partnership

Most people don’t see the value of ministry partnership.

Which is mind-boggling because:

  • The Bible spoke openly about it.
  • It endorsed it.
  • Jesus supported it.
  • And the apostle Paul was happy when the church did it.

Obviously there are checks and balances but for the most ministry partnership is a Biblical practice.

What is ministry partnership? The best definition of ministry partnership is from Ascension ministries:

“Partnership in ministry is a well established principle in God’s Word. It comes from the Greek word ‘koinonia’ which means ‘partnership, a sharer, an associate’ with others in ministry. The Amplified Bible defines partnership as ‘sympathetic cooperation and contributions in advancing the good news.’ In other words, Biblical partnership provides on going prayer and financial support for those in full time ministry.


Introducing: The 2 Part Series of the ULTIMATE Guide to Ministry Partnership

…it’s something “they” don’t want you to know.

Who are “they”? That’s not important…let’s get started:

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