What To Do When Your Tithing is Not Working

tithing not working

God promises that honoring Him with our finances will bring rich results. He desires complete wholeness for His children.

These are facts.

But…what many DON’T see (or want to see) this as reality: His blessings take TIME.  Not so much the blessing–but Him developing the person He wants to bless. This is why I’m not such a big fan of the 90 day tithing challenge. It’s not that He CAN’T knock your socks off with blessings in 90 days– but what if He chooses not to?

What do you do when your tithing is not working?

Let’s be honest:  there are times when you’re giving, sowing, helping, praying, serving, sacrificing, and seeing ABSOLUTELY NO results.

It seems like all the tithing is not working

And then you start to ask yourself: what’s the point?

Well what the answer then??

Nothing’s Happening With My Tithing, What do I do?

Keep sowing.

Keep praying.

Keep believing.

Keep giving even when you feel your tithing is not working.

As Rick Renner points out, the Greek word used for sowing depicts a continual process:

The Greek tense does not denote a single, one-time sowing; rather, it pictures a person who continually, habitually sows. Therefore, it could be translated, “Whatsoever a man sows, sows, sows, and sows – and keeps on habitually sowing and sowing and sowing….” In other words, this describes a constant, steady, perpetual sowing of seed. And if you sow this seed steadily and faithfully, God’s promise is that you will reap a harvest. The word for “reap” is in the same Greek tense, meaning that it could be translated, “You will reap, reap, reap, and reap – and keep on habitually reaping and reap­ing and reaping.”

The reason most people walked away disgusted and scoffing at this promise is that they never really put it to the test! They sowed once and waited for a harvest. When nothing happened, they threw up their arms and said it didn’t work. But those who keep on habitually sowing and sowing and sowing as a manner of lifestyle are the ones who eventually reap and reap and reap as the mani­fold blessings of God come pouring back into their lives.

The level at which you sow determines the level you will reap. Sow a little, and you’ll reap a little. Sow a lot, and you’ll reap a lot. Sow inconsistently, and you’ll reap inconsistently. Sow regu­larly, and you will reap regularly.

Your harvest is on it’s way, don’t be deceived into thinking otherwise!

What do you think? Have you ever felt deceived?


Oh by the way check out my guest article on Relevant Magazine: What Would Happen If the Church Tithed? It’s trending right now and the comments are really picking up steam. It would be great if you add your two cents to the debate.




  1. We are not exempt from growing old and all that goes with it, but we do believe in tiething and giving. Not all see sprouts at the same time. Not all births take 9 months. Just saying.

  2. I just found this article as I was interested in different perspectives in tithing. You are the first one that makes total sense. I’ve been tithing since January and I do give 10% of my gross income. It’s been challenging, to say the least. I am like the article where nothing is really happening but I’m still tithing and believing bc I put God first in my life. I do think most people only look at the financial aspect of tithing. I have seen many shifts in my emotional and spiritual well being as a result of tithing, which is wonderful! I have no desire to stop tithing. I think God has to stretch individuals bc wouldn’t it be a piece of cake if we immediately received back what we give? There would be no faith involved. I would like to analogize this to planting a seed. You keep watering it until it reaps its fruit. If you stop, it ceases to grow. Thank you for a wonderful article.

    • Dee, I will say this: the story isn’t over. I saw God begin to do wonderful things inside me before my outside world changed. I did become more stable, more disciplined, and etc. In fact, I have upped my tithing in response to the Spirit. And God has been doing amazing things financially, professionally, and etc. Please keep giving…God is faithful to His Word.

  3. Rita Corsica says:

    As a Christian who has experiment with tithing over the years,
    I think that tithing only works when you BELIEVE it will.
    If giving away your last 10 cents brings you anguish and you don’t see anything
    abundant coming out of it (and it causes further hardship), it won’t. For this reason I don’t recommend money tithing for
    people living close to the edge of their budgets. You can tithe by volunteering
    some time helping others or doing good things for others, it doesn’t have to be $ money.
    God understands this predicament the ultra poor are in re: not tithing money.

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