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Tithing is a sensitive topic

It literally has the power to split churches down the middle.

Even though it’s an old argument it’s still as relevant today as it was then.

There are questions that arise with Tithing:

  • Is it still applicable under grace?
  • Am I cursed if don’t tithe?
  • If it’s under the law does God consider it worship?
  • What does the Old Testament say about it?
  • What does the New Testament say about it?
  • What is the REAL issue with the tithe? Is it really about money?
  • How do I teach about it in this age of grace?
  • What does it mean to hack the tithe?

The Basics on Tithing

  • What is Tithing and Why Should You Care–in this post we delve into the nuts and bolts of tithing: it’s relevancy in today’s world, it’s origins, the question of whether you’ll be cursed if you don’t tithe, and the main issue people don’t want to pay tithes.
  • Should Tithing be Considered as Worship–that is the question that many people don’t have an answer to. In this post we delve into whether tithing really honors God or not. We look at it both sides from the Old and New Covenant. You’ll be shocked at what we uncover!
  • Tithing in the New Testament: What it Really Means–many opponents of tithing say that it puts the New Testament believer in bondage. In this post we’ll explain the difference between the law of tithing and the grace to tithe. And what it means for the New Testament believer.
  • Are You Under the Curse For Not Tithing–this is the question that many people have. After seeing the benefits of tithing and the dangers of not doing it, I have come to one conclusion. Click on the link to find out what that is.

Teaching On Tithing

  • How to Teach Tithing Like a Rockstar–it takes a special kind of skill to teach tithing. Because of it having the ability to split churches down the middle it takes an effective and gentle touch. It has to be taught–not forced–to be people. In this post we go step by step to show the proper way to teach such a delicate subject.
  • Why the 90 Day Challenge May Not be the Best Idea–the 90 day tithing challenge is very popular among many circles. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see. The issue is this: what if God DIDN’T bless you supernaturally in 90 days? Then what?
  • The Lopsided and Completely Unfair Covenant of Tithing–God is a God of covenant. He legally binds Himself to His Law. Someone who believes and confesses His Word is literally laying claim to their legal rights. Find out how tithing is completely lopsided and benefits the tither MORE than it benefits God.
  • The Complete Guide to Biblical Partnership– Biblical partnership is a sound practice in Scripture. It where we partner with specific ministries financially and receive the blessing they receive. Find out more in this comprehensive post

When Tithing ISN’T Working

  • What to Do When Your Tithing Is Not Working–God promises that honoring Him with our finances will bring rich results. He desires complete wholeness for His children. But what do you when it seems that your tithing ISN’T working?
  • The Role Satan Has in The Life of a Tither– The minute you decided to step out and become a giver he comes along with all the “logical” reasons why you don’t have to. He’s very convincing.  Don’t think that you can out reason him. He’s there to give you every excuse why you shouldn’t do it. He has tripped me up. Make sure he’s not tripping you up.

Tithing and Prosperity

  • What God Promises Tithers–Forex trader Dmitri Chavkerov cited tithing as one the main reason for his success in business. According to him the advice is based on the lives of successful authors, investors, and businesspeople. What am I getting at? There is a strong scientific correlation between tithing and prosperity.
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