The Role Satan Has in The Life of a Giver


“But Peter said, ‘Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart that you should lie to and attempt to deceive the Holy Spirit, and should [in violation of your promise] withdraw secretly and appropriate to your own use part of the price from the sale of the land?'” (Acts 5:3 AMP)

He’s there you know. You know who. The liar. The whisperer.

The minute you decided to step out and become a giver he comes along with all the “logical” reasons why you don’t have to. He’s very convincing don’t think that you can out reason him. He’s there to give you every excuse why you shouldn’t do it:

“You don’t have the money.”

“How are you going to pay this bill or that bill?”

“Why you want to give money to that ole church any way?”

“Look at all the prosperous people in the world, do you see them tithing/giving?”

He’s especially convincing when you ARE giving, times are hard, and you see NOTHING happening. That’s when “logic” really comes into play.

Don’t be deceived. He sees the reward coming. He also knows Who is watching.

What do you think? Does the enemy have a role in giving?



  1. I never really considered his role in tithing before, but it makes sense. He’s always telling lies & attempting to deceive us to keep us from experiencing God’s blessing. Makes sense. Will definitely be more aware of this possibility now.

  2. Dave Arnold says:

    Hmm, great thoughts. I def think the enemy has a plan to prevent people from giving. Jesus said its better to give than to receive. Satan tries to thwart all that is focused on Christ. Great post!

  3. I once heard a reported as a true story of the mill owner who was voted church treasurer. The church was failing and many said they could not afford to tithe. The mill owner said I will be the treasurer but I want complete trust for one year. Everyone agreed, and at the end of the year the church was prospering and so were the farmers who belonged to the church. The treasurer said, remember you gave me complete trust, so when you brought your grain to me to grind, I put 10% aside and placed the money for 10% of your grain in the church. God has blessed the church and especially those who said they could not afford to tithe.
    The mill owner said, he would now leave tithing up to each person, but they could not dispute the blessings that followed.

  4. Yes! I believe he does have a role and it’s not a small one. I think Satan’s primary objective is to undermine our faith by calling God’s goodness and motives into question.

  5. The enemy hates the heart of our Father and His followers. Giving is a form of worship. God has zero need of our provision, He is the One that gave it to us in the first place. It’s a matter of the heart, like all other things in this life. It’s not so much the action as it is the perspective, motive, or heart. The enemy is nothing but lies…

  6. The material on this website is what I have been looking for. May I use it as example in my ebook that I am writing on how the spirit of Balaam is responsible for devouring finances of Christians. I know what you have said in very few paragraphs is the truth.

    I have read hundreds of websites and debates with long passages and attacks why tithes is an old covenant thing. …..the reasons for their attacks on tithes is what you have said in very few words.

    The spiritual role of Satan in casting down the saints is to make sure that their offerings of firstfruits and tithes are not accepted as Sweet Smelling Savour before God. This is documented in the Books of Daniel 8:11-12 and Revelation 13:6-7. You need spiritual understanding to know that the Bible is about bring our firstfuits and tithes to God for His blessings.

    If one is very stubborn by faith and insists on standing on the promise of God on firstfruits and tithes, Satan uses false pastors and preachers to attack their faith. How he does this via different ways is what I am writing on and how I overcame such false attacks. Three years back I was unemployment and downcast. After God opened my eyes to His instructions on firstfruits and tithes, I was lifted up from unemployment to project manager of a national labour force statistics.

    To fight Satan and tell him to leave your firstfruits and tithes is by telling him off……… via his agents——–false teachers, pastors and haters of tithes. I once told a pastor trying to talk me out of tithing to jump into a lake. Since then my tithes has increased from 100 to 1000s within three years. This is what matters God keeps His promise of opening His Windows blessings upon my households. I pray always to God to give me grace to be bringing firstfruits and tithes in millions of dollars. I am not ashamed of that! I don’t care what other people think actually, I know this will happen soonest.

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