Guess Who’s Watching the Offering Plate

Eye in the sky

“As Jesus sat facing the offering box, He watched how the crowd was dropping their money into it…” (Mark 12:41 International Standard Version)

Sometimes we really do forget WHO is watching our giving.

He not only watches our giving He watches our attitude about it. He notices how we drop our money in. Do we it to as unto the Lord? Or do we do it to be seen of men?

He knows. He is fully aware.

He hears every debate; He sees every argument. He listens to every word from those who say they are not “bound” to give like in the days of old.

The generous One notices the generous. He also notices the stingy.

We say things like,  “this don’t matter to Him. It’s not that important.” Yet the Bible says He “sat FACING the offering box.” It received His full attention. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

He is aware of every penny. He knows the sacrifice behind it. Don’t for a second think He doesn’t.

He is not deceived. He will never be mocked.

If the offering plate received Jesus’ attention, why do we now think it shouldn’t receive ours?


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  1. Excellent point, Mike. He sees all and most importantly as you pointed out, He sees the heart. Never mind what the world sees, but may our Father see us as generous with what belongs to Him in the first place.

    • I had a chance to speak with a anti-giver this weekend. It was after the conversation that this Scripture came to mind. So often we forget HOW interested He is in our giving. We almost think that this is on the proverbial backburner. I’m glad you enjoyed it Floyd.

  2. Time, talent, and treasure – what’s that song? Oh, yeah – “All of Me” :)

    Always a good read MIke – now we just have to get more traffic up here :)

  3. Great post and reminder, Mike!!! When we give to God in secret God rewards us in public. God knows what we give and the heart we give it in.

    • Absolutely. That has always been the point. It’s not like He needs the money…but He does want a submitted heart to him.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Dan!

  4. Jesus looked at the widows heart and saw her mite as more than anyone else’s giving. I wonder how proud we must be when we place our tithes in the plate and wonder if anyone else is giving as much as we do? Eye opener and enough to sober us all up including me.
    Caught you on Rick’s saturday short cuts

    • Rick is such a great guy. I thank him for including me.

      You’re right Hazel…it is sobering. When you really think about that the fact that we’re giving to Christ and not a building…it is a sobering thought. I’m glad you enjoyed it ;)

  5. All i can say Mike is ..SELAH :) Thanks for sharing this truth


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