So You Need a Word from God, eh?


You’ve been reading this for a while. You’re sold on the idea of tithing. You want to start it even though things are tight.

But before you do you need a sign. A word from God that you’re doing the right thing.

Well you’re in luck, God gave me that word for you.

Are you ready?

You sure?

Alright then here it is:

“Bring all the tithes (the whole tenth of your income) into the storehouse…” (Malachi 3:10 AMP)


Is that enough of a “sign?”  ;)



  1. Perfect!

  2. Yes, sir. That is sign-uh-plenty!!! Hard to argue with the word of God…

  3. I like the “sign”! Actually I think that excuse is used often to justify our inaction. I recently listened to a great sermon by Stephen Furtick about determining God’s will and how most of the time we just need to do the next right thing and not worry about waiting for God to give us a bolt of lighting or something in order to show us what to do next!

  4. power in truth and the truth shall set you free!

  5. Dave Arnold says:

    So true, and yet, often so neglected by the church.

  6. ha! good one! :)

  7. Nice and Amen!

  8. You have quoted from the Old Testament…..I would suggest going to 2 Corinthians and read chapters 8 and 9. It seems to me that it is now called “grace” giving.

    I can’t go over everything in these 2 chapters…..but just take 2 Cor. 8:12. It states that each should give according to “That a man hath”…..and he is to do it with a willing mind. No one is to give what he does not have.

    If I were playing professional baseball making 20 million bucks a year…wouldn’t that be great to only give 2 million and keep 18 million??? Yikes. If this person loved his Lord……and believed in “grace” giving rather than a tithe…..he would give a whole lot more than 2 million. Grace giving will out give tithing by quite a bit.

    So I believe giving is a grace and should be called such……”Grace Giving”. The early church considered giving to be a grace. It was a passion…an overwhelming desire to share the things of God with others.

    1. “Example” of Christian giving….8:1-6
    2. “Exhortation” to Christian giving….8:7-15
    3. “Explanation” of Christian giving….8:16-9:5
    4. “Encouragement” of Christian giving…9:6-15

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