What Jesus’ Mother Could Teach Modern Day Tithers

The Virgin Mary

The Christmas season is upon us. As a result, everyone turns their attention to a manger, a virgin mother, and a Baby that changed the world. As much as I am indebted to that Baby I wanted to focus on the mother–the Virgin Mary.

I wanted to talk about her faith actually.

When she heard the promise given to her she said,

“My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.” (Luke 1:46-47 KJV)

Now keep in mind she wasn’t pregnant.

There was no sonogram that showed webbed hands…

…no morning sickness…

…no movement in her stomach…

…and etc.

All she had was a promise.

And yet she rejoiced in God. Incidentally that term “hath rejoiced” in the original language means “to exult, leap for joy, to show one’s joy by leaping and skipping denoting excessive or ecstatic joy and delight.”

What does this mean about Mary. She praised God and was happy before the promise came to pass. She was a woman of faith. In fact, her cousin Elizabeth applauded her faith:

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45 KJV)

That word “performance” in the original Greek means “completion, or completeness of an attainment already reached.” Meaning the promise given was something that was already done before it even began.

The thing about Mary that she was silly enough to believe God’s promise.

What does this have to do with tithes and offerings.

When you tithe and give you have to do it with expectancy.

It has to be done in faith.

Mary believed the promise before it became a reality–and you’re going to have to do the same. You have to learn to “rejoice” in His promises when times are hard and NOTHING is happening.

You have to learn to believe His “performance.”

What do you think? Should we follow the virgin?




  1. It is all about faith. When it’s done with the same heart or agreeing spirit of the One we serve it is done before it becomes our reality. Good correlation.

  2. Today we must be careful when angels appear to us with a message. New doctrins have been created by some such appearances. However in the days of Mary, it seemed common to have an angel bring a true message, and she believed his words. As Christians, we follow JESUS and not Mary or Angels or Prophets, but we can use her example of faith to believe. Good take on Mary’s faith and I enjoyed your post.

  3. I’ve actually been thinking about Mary lately (it is the Christmas season) and I realize that I have little in common with her.

    I would have been full of fear and questions about what the angle told her. God was asking alot from her- her reputation and possibly her upcoming marriage. But she barely blinked at it all. She just accepted it.
    Her faith and obedience blow me away.
    She is a testament that God will blow our plans out of the water with what He purposes to do in our lives if we will let Him. He is a gentleman, we can say “no”.

  4. Great post. Love how you tied God’s promises to Mary to our giving back to God. God has never failed me yet. I should expect good things from Him in the future.

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