My First Year Results with Tithing: A Personal Case Study (Part 4)

My tithing case study


So we’re finally here: the last installment. In this post we conclude my year of tithing and its results. In case you missed the first 3 installments here they are:

So without further ado let’s get to it!

After I started giving again and finally had a check coming in, I knew I needed to get things on track On 9/30 I wrote:

Taking a systematic and aggressive approach to paying off all debt. I also want to get my credit straight and get on track with a starter card.

I couldn’t change the past but, so help me God, I was going to change the future.


By this time I was doing good on my job. It was in retail sales and in that I was very good. As a sidebar there’s one thing I learned: there really are DIFFERENT type of sales. Here are the differences I’ve seen:

  • Retail–customers come to you, you help them with their purchase, and assist them in buying more.
  • Consultative–you look for customers through cold calling and referrals. You make an appointment, assess a need, expose  REALLY expose a problem, and make your product or service the solution.
  • Copy-writing– using the written word to lead a person to a purchase

And so on.

I did and failed at so much consultative selling that I honestly questioned my ability to sell. But retail came more naturally. In fact, it came so naturally I was #1 in my area my first month there!!

Things were starting to look better.

Hmmm…could it be possible that God just replanted me in soil He knew I’d be more suited for? Maybe the one who made me knew where to place me so I could be more productive.

Something to think about.

On 10/11 after 5 long months of waiting, calling, pleading, and wondering 80% of my refund check came. Hallelujah! And on 10/15 I paid 80% of the money owed to my landlord. What was interesting about this was God’s timing. Here’s an excerpt:

Paid (x amount of dollars) to Bill…What’s so cool about it is that God sent the  EXACT amount of money in the refund check. Truly God’s timing was precise–blessed be His Name. And He is really prospering me.

I don’t know WHAT would have happened if I got the money when I wanted it…but I do know…it was better for me to have gotten it when I got it. I wanted it in my time but I got it in the right time!

I ended off October with a bit of introspection. On 10/28 I wrote this entry:

Had this unsettling in my stomach today. It just hit me in the afternoon. Been thinking about it all day, trying to figure out what  it means. Not fully sure yet but it feels like the urge to get out…Frankly, I am tired of living beneath my privilege. I realize I’ve made mistakes in the past because of a quitting spirit but not anymore. No more quitting, no more self sabotage, no more empty pursuits…Lord, I thank You for a new shift (in mindset)!

I was finally on my way!


November is where I really began to see some inroads. On 11/08 the rest of my refund check came! So in addition to that, my regular paychecks, my bonuses, and commissions on 11/29 the unthinkable happened I paid off ALL my consumer debt.

You heard me: all!

Every penny.

I always thought when I finally paid off all my debt my throat would be hoarse from all the shouting, my knees would be in pain from all the dancing (don’t get me wrong I did strut a little ), but the truth is I was numb.

I couldn’t believe it.

It couldn’t be real.

I struggled with most of these debts for YEARS. Whenever I tried to pay them something always came up. Something would always buffet me (whether external or internal). But now they were gone.



I didn’t really consider December  to be that eventful. Granted there were events in my life but nothing I can really share with you.


So what are your thoughts on this whole “experiment”? Have you seen similar results?









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  1. Hi Mike, great post! I like your work because it’s so real and down to earth. Not sugar-coated, not inflated, just real.
    The results you got were real, you did what the Bible said to do in Malachi 3:10 – You TESTED Him in this, you tried it, you asked Him to prove that it works.
    And it did!
    So just wanted to say great work, keep putting stuff out and I’ll keep reading it.
    -Travis at

    • Thanks Travis! By the way I LOVE your site. Absolutely LOVE the visual dynamics of it an what you’re trying to do. I just signed up as an email subscriber and I look forward to seeing the good that come in my inbox! :)

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