The mission of this blog is simple:

To Stir Up a Revolution of Radical Giving.

The word “hacker” has gotten a bad rap. The word came to represent people who were technologically savvy but caused havoc for fun and profit.

But real hackers aren’t anything like that.

Real hackers are people who create, push boundaries, redefine what can’t be done, and ultimately change the world. The hackers aren’t just confined to software or electronics–they’re in all walks of life. Here are the common criteria:

  • They push the envelope.
  • They destroy to recreate.
  • They do the impossible.
  • They ultimately change the world.

Anyone can be a hacker. All you have to do is care enough about the thing you want to hack, roll up your sleeves, get to work, and get it done.

I wanted to hack tithing. Because like the word “hacker” tithing was also getting a bad rap. In fact, if you want to stir up a debate just bring up the topics of tithing and/or tithes and offerings in a crowd.

Oh boy!

Just make sure you hit the ground before the gun fight starts!

So this site is not about tithing, it’s about becoming a Tithe hacker.

Definition of a Tithe hacker

A Tithehacker is

A person who gives over and above what is “required” in response to the needs of society and their love for God.

Tithehackers are littered all throughout the Bible. They have a special place in the Heart of God:

  • Abel was a Tithe hacker in that he went above and beyond and gave God his best sacrifice
  • When constructing the Tabernacle the Children of Israel were Tithe hackers. They gave so much that Moses had to tell them to stop giving.
  • King David was a Tithe hacker. He gave his best to God during his life, even refusing to Give God anything that cost him nothing. And nearing his death he gave his entire fortune towards the building of God’s House and encouraged Israel to do the same.
  • A poor widow was a Tithe hacker. While the rich were giving away their spare change this woman gave all she had; and with that caught the attention of Jesus and became an example for all time
  • Zacchaeus was a Tithe hacker. While in the Presence of Jesus he told Him he would give half his possessions to the poor and would pay back 4 times to anyone he cheated. And through his giving and sacrifice Jesus called him a son  of Abraham.
  • The early church was Tithe hacking church. They sold all their possessions to help the church and move the work of God forward.
  • The Church at Macedonia was a Tithe hacking church. They gave abundantly out of their poverty and became the standard of a generous church.
  • And much more

This site exists to stir up the budding revolution of radical giving. A revolution that will ultimately change the world!


Who’s the Guy Behind This

My name is Mike Holmes.

About Tithehacker

(Yes that’s me…the guy with the watch)

Who am I? I’m a friend, student, mentor, believer in people, idealist, public speaker, teacher, gym addict, husband, father of 2 kids, movie lover, book liker, and huge boxing fan…even though the world has gone to MMA.

I’m also the guy behind this budding revolution. I’ll tell you my story soon enough but for now know that I got tired of the extreme way giving was taught. On one hand, you had someone screaming in your face that if you didn’t give you were cursed with a curse, on your way to hell, and could redeem yourself if you had a $20 in your pocket. On the other hand, others were non-chalant saying that the God who gave EVERYTHING for those He loved kinda-sorta-didn’t-mind if we we didn’t “feel” like being generous. I mean hey…He is big squishy God of love!

So I’m here to bring balance but also to challenge the church at large in giving. (Disclaimer: I am not a ordained minister–just a regular Joe Schmo. So you becoming a Tithe hacker doesn’t benefit me at all. No…I’m not asking for donations…or “love gifts.”)

I’ve become a Tithehacker and I’m just simply asking you to join me on the ride!

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