Are You Under the Curse for Not Tithing?

the curse of not tithing


Sometime ago I wrote that you WILL NOT be cursed if you don’t tithe. In fact I said:

You will not be cursed. In fact, in Christ you’re eternally blessed! All the curses under the law came upon Christ…All the curses of the Law were laid on Christ at the cross. Period. So no you’re not cursed if you don’t tithe. The earth is not gonna swallow you up if you don’t put your envelope in the basket. Anybody who has a problem with that send ‘em over here.”

Maybe my thoughts have changed since finishing my one year tithing experiment. Maybe I was more concerned about people’s opinion of me. But I have to amend my statement.

I was wrong.

I was dead wrong.

The fact is God said it:

“Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.” (Malachi 3:9 KJV)

Or as Allen McGregor says ,”Notice, it does not say, ‘You shall be cursed with a curse…’ but that you already are cursed, because from God’s viewpoint the accursed state of the non-tither was not a consequence of his robbing God, but that robbing God was a consequence of his being accursed.”

It has to do with the fact that the tithe wasn’t yours in the first place. Tithing was and is still a form of worship.

But what do you think? Are you cursed if you don’t tithe? Is this “curse” still relevant?

Your thoughts…

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  1. how can you be under the curse when we are no longer under the curse? or was God confused somehow? or maybe he didn’t really mean it when he said you are no longer under a curse. I say that you are actually under a curse if you do tithe.

  2. Our attitude in giving/tiething must be with a cheerful heart NOT fearing a curse but believing this is a form of worship. Yes when we fail to tieth it is selfishness and we pull the curse upon us that is there in the failure because we are robbing God. Jesus took upon himself the curse of sin and shame and not this curse of disobedience. God does say prove me and I have proved to myself both ways. We have seen the curse and then the blessings. Take a look at Deut chapters 27 and 28 and you will see the curses and blessings when we follow God or are disobedient. May God grant you wisdom as you apply your daily living as a gift to Jesus

  3. each of the comments are well received and the bible does speak both of blessings and curses. i know that as a small child as i grew up i heard of the importance of bringing my tithe to the church and this is what i was exposed to as a child. the years have passed as i have began my own journey and i began to live out my own experience as God spoke to me . we each have our own journey and God speaks to each of us in our own way. my understanding is that the old testament persons lived according to the law and in the new testament persons where no longer under the “rules” of the law but salvation now came through Christ forgiveness, grace & love. the attitude i have and believe (right or wrong) is that not only does my “tithe” belong to God but ALL THAT I HAVE belongs to him. God honors obedience in all aspects of my life. i do not live out my life with the attitude that i am living under a curse but i live in the blessings & freedom i have in Christ. God knows each persons heart & motives and each person must answer to God alone. may we continue to encourage & build each other up in Christ and may you all continue to believe, continue to dream and continue to hope ~ peace & prosperity (dhs)

  4. Christopher says:

    What is practiced by us me included as Christians today is not not tithing as practiced in the OT. Tithing from a historical and cultural perspective as it was practiced by the Jewish people and which occurs in the old testament: The amount tithed by people in the old testament if they met the specific requirements resulted in a total amount of 23%+which consisted almost entirely of agricultural produce and not finance and money did exist. Tithing was also practiced in middle eastern culture before the law of Moses to support kings and religious sanctuaries which you could equate to a form of tax which interestingly enough is now executed in parts of Europe for the same purpose and is I think levied as a 2% tax.

    Another interesting point is that the Jewish cycle consists not only of 7 days but 7 years or a Shmittah cycle where during the seventh year or Shmittah the land was left alone(the soil was rested) and no tithe was given for that year. This year(2014/2015) according to the Jewish calender is a Shmittah or 7th year started at the end of September or beginning of October and marked by a blood moon over Israel this phenomenon did not occur in the Southern hemisphere due to the reflection/ refraction of light in the northern hemisphere.

    It is almost impossible to tithe biblically today and as such I find it difficult to understand how we can be cursed for not practicing this properly or at all due to misunderstanding. I am not suggesting we shouldn’t give but from a willing heart.

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