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The Marketing You’re Subjected to When Giving to Larger Ministries

large ministry marketing


Since I embarked on this journey of giving I’ve been bombarded with extra mail.

The letters above are the ones I received Tuesday.

( I crossed out my name for privacy’s sake. I like you but I don’t need you to know where I live :) )

The most intrusive one I’ve received is from Mike Murdock. Murdock went further than just sending me a letter, his ministry would occasionally call my phone with prerecorded messages of how God was going to bless me as I continued to sow into his ministry.

That has been the most annoying to date.

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How The State of Tithing in America Has Evolved

For all its controversy tithes and offerings account for$50 billion a year in the U.S.

$50 billion.

This $50 billion is from 10 million tithers–people who donate 10% or more their income to a church–across America. They make up 10-25% of a normal congregation yet they for 50-80% of church funding.

The ole’ Pareto principle (or the 80-20 rule) is still at work.

Here’s an infographic on the state of church giving in the US.

So out of that $50 billion there are churches receiving a larger portion of that pie.

And its not because they are megachurches.

The Reasons Why Some Churches See Bigger Offerings

Now I understand the controversy of this article. I know there people who see churches as businesses where “rich pastors” deceive poor people to give. Also, to be frank: I’m not a pastor. I get no benefit from tithes and offerings. So no I’m not asking you to send me a check!

But I am somebody who has seen their own life change as a result of  giving. Not only that, but I do believe in the mission of the global church–the one called to lead, serve, and share. Regardless of its imperfections and missteps, it has great value in the eyes of One who died for it.

So, if it needs helps with the bills I think its only fair I lend a hand.

So yes, I’m a pro-tither!

Read the rest on my guest post at Patheos


How to Use Technology To Effectively Teach Giving

Tithing and/or giving is a delicate subject. It has the power to split churches down the middle.

It is important though.

According to the 4th Annual State of the Plate Survey of 2012 many ministries saw giving increase because of financial/generosity teaching initiatives. Not only that but many other ministries are looking for proactive and positive ways to teach on finances and faithful giving.

How to Teach Tithing

How to teach tithing effectively takes a certain kind of leader.

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How I Changed My Life With a One Year Tithing Experiment

I’m a tither.

Despite the controversy surrounding it, I’m a huge advocate of it.

And, honestly, before I got serious about it my life was a total mess. I couldn’t make ends meet. I had trouble holding a steady job. My wife (God bless her) loved me, but lost almost all respect for me. Our marriage was on its last leg. She was pregnant with our 2nd child and was considering leaving. As I said she loved me but with the tight finances, the tense atmosphere, my bad attitude, and my constant complaining it was getting to her.

I was working a job that couldn’t pay the bills because I left my job that COULD pay the bills because the supervisors “weren’t treating me right.” Truth is: they weren’t treating me right because I wasn’t doing my job right. I was too “smart” for my own good!

You can read the rest on guest post on Patheos.com.

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts and I share my life to the world :)

The Three Tithes of the Old Testament [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’m a pro-tither. I believe in it and have see it change my own life.

But I have heard the arguments and do realize it is vastly different from the Mosaic Law. Which is why I was so drawn to this infographic by Glass House Theology. This shows the three tithes represented in the Old Covenant. As believers our mandate is to be generous, which is why 10% is a great floor but not a great ceiling.

Hope you enjoy…and I hope nothing but peace and prosperity for you in this year!



What John D Rockefeller Could Teach Modern Day Tithers

According to Forbes John D. Rockefeller heads the list of the wealthiest Americans in history.

His life was a bit of a mystery. He was the head of Standard Oil, the largest oil refiner in the world. He was vilified as a monopolist because he integrated the entire oil industry under his leadership. Yet at the same time he helped define the structure of modern philanthropy.

What most people don’t know is that he was a deeply religious man devoted to God, the church, and his family. He was also a tithe hacker. He gave away more than “required” in response to the needs of society and his love for God.

I recently re-read Titan: The Life of John D Rockefeller Sr. by Ron Chernow. It is the best biography of Rockefeller thus far. It’s a page turning account of the man and I highly recommend it. In it we learn about his background, his absentee father, his burning desire to be wealthy, his business practices, and the years following his retirement.

So what can John D Rockefeller teach tithers? Glad you asked…

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God Cares About Your Provision

God's provision

Today, I wanted to let  someone else take the stage. A very special man by the name of Oswald Chambers. An author, minister, and teacher…he is more than capable to give a word on Tithehacker. So without further ado Mr. Oswald Chambers:

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