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My first year results with tithing: a personal case study

My case study

I was hesitant to write this post.


It’s not something you read or hear. The fact is, when most people give their testimonies about tithing it’s usually with an instantaneous and positive ending. Most ministries tell how the person who gave received a 400% increase in a matter of months.

Last year…that was NOT the case with me.


On a Sunday in November of 2012 I asked God what would I need to do to get out of the financial rut I was in. I said,

“Lord, I love you but I am in a rut and I don’t know what to do to get out. What is it?”

And the idea popped into my mind: start tithing. I felt this assurance that was what I needed to do. So I decided that 2013 would be the year to do my tithing experiment. I made a promise that no matter what happened I would keep tithing.

With this experiment I decided to document my giving and and significant experiences in the year. That way I would be able to share my “successes” with those following. That way when when TBN or CBN decided to broadcast my riveting story (cause God was obviously going to miraculously prosper me instantaneously) I could be honest with the audience.

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